Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving is For Givingthanks.

Howdy ya'll,
Well here it is Thanksgiving and this turkey is stuffed!(Actually just full.) Not with turkey but LASAGNA!!!!!!!
My sweetie can make an awesome pan of Lasagna and it is hard to stop eating even after your belly pushes you up to four feet away from the table 'cause your so full. Anyway I did good today, I ate just what I needed to feel full and I am not stuffed and bloated feeling. Yehooo! Now I can have some dessert later and not feel sick from being so full.

'Nough bout all that food. I was able to get some stuff done in my shop and also got the seat back replaced on the boat. In the morning I want to go fishing and see if I can catch a mess of
'em. The weather is supposed to be purty and the wind isn't supposed to be too bad. I've only got 50 pounds of plastic worms and grubs to use so don't think I will run out.

Today was a plum purty day and I really enjoyed being out in it. I stayed outside nearly all day and I think it may have helped to strengthen me a little bit. I worked 1/2 days this week and it seemed like the shift would never be over. It was a little rough to be on the concrete since I got used not having to be on it. Next week I will again be on 1/2 days and then I will go back to full time.

Well I guess that's about enough ramblin' so I reckon I will leave ya so you can mutter to yoself.
Be good, Poppi

Saturday, November 18, 2006

It Were Downright Dandy...

Howdy ya'll,
Well here it is Saturday nite and I'm full as a tick! I went to Town Creek and fished today while my Queen read a book and sorted coupons. The water was messed up due to the recent cold front that went thru a few days ago, but the weather was nice, nice, nice. I only caught 1 decent size crappie and just couldn't connect with several others. I also hooked a small striped bass but he was too small to keep. Since I only had that one fish, I -being the good guy that I am-let him go just before I pulled the boat out of the water.(Actually I was too lazy to clean just one fish.) We got home and I got all my gear put away and then my Sweetie and I headed down to the cajun cookshop in gasoline alley and bought some alligator tail, crawdads, and shrimp for supper. Man you talk about good, it were exxceeelentoooo!!!!! While we were waiting for our order to get ready they gave us some cajun boiled peanuts to sample. They were good, but I was surprised at the heat they could generate. I couldn't eat very many since they blistered my lips and set my mouth on fire! I like hot stuff, but I think they added some kinda liquid fire to these bad boys!!!!!! I didn't eat too much, but I think it swole up in me and I feel sorta fullish.
I don't get to fish too much, but when I go I like to make a day of it. It just relaxes me and lets me recharge and it is even better if Sharon goes with me. Anyway we had a good day and I am trying to get in the mood to go back to work starting Monday. I get to go back for 4 hours per day for 2 weeks and then I will go back to full time.
Well just thought I would bore ya with all the hoighty-toighty details.
Be good, Poppi

Friday, November 17, 2006

Friday Came and Thursday Went.

Howdy you'uns,
How ya'll is just doin'? Us'uns is doing jus' fine as whale blubber on an eskimo sled. At least it felt like Alaska this morning but not as cold. It looked like it was going to be a cloudy day but it turned purtyer than you could shake a three dollar bill at. Just think Today is the day we looked forward to yesterday and will be the day we look back to tommorrow and we can't see it today because we are living in it now. The history we make through our actions will be what we are remembered for in the future.(I oughta been a Filisoferer..Philifosferer or sumthin'.)
All this pretty day did to me was make me want to go catch a crappie or two, maybe three or four, or five or six. Man the possibilities are just endless! I worked my tackle box over and reorganized and threw away and restrung lines on reels and got so fired up to go fishin' that I dug some fish out of the freezer for supper. (Just couldn't wait for a fresh mess.) I even threw some shrimpy's into the deep fryer. Man was it good!!!!! Anyway in the morning I want to go to Guntersville and try for some crappie. If I don't get any at least I had fish this week already.hehe
We had a little cutie here all day nearly and somehow she learned to talk. I thought she might be a tickle-me-Elmo but she declared her name was Olivia. All you had to do was lend her an ear and she would fill it up enough for ALL her countrymen.(Ceaser would have been proud.) But she is a little sweetie and we enjoyed her coming over.
Anyway enough ramblin', the boat should be ready in the morning and I hope to done me some good by tommorrow nite and have a good mess o' fish.
Be good, Poppi

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I Got "Em !!!!!

Howdy again,
Well here it is Tuesday and the sun is shinin'. I woke up early (4:30am) and couldn't go back to sleep. I didn't have anything on my mind so I don't know why, ...besides ya gotta have a mind before you can put anything on it right? I finally got tired of layin' there and climbed outta the sack around 6:15 and started to get ready to go to Decatur. I had to re-up my CDL's and I needed to go to Calhoun to check in with my instructor. Seems I haven't been in class in two weeks so I wanted to make sure I was caught up on everything. Anyway I got to the License Bereau and was the first in line, with Vanessa a close second. I have never been in and out so fast for a license re-up but, for Vanessa and me both it only took 20 minutes. Usually you have to go sit for hours on end and then may not get anything accomplished but, Not Today!! I have been nervous about my CDL's lapsing but I dropped the Haz-mat and everything went right on through. Man am I glad!!!
On the other, hand, I am recouping and getting psyched up for another Dr. visit tommorrow and am hoping it will go well. I think I am finally gaining strength (not weight), and hope to get back to 100% before the cows come home or the chickens go on the roost.
Well I guess I'll quit rambling and get back to work (resting) and not bore you with all the gory details and let you finish eating your chicken leg and drinking your buttermilk. Ya'll stay healthy and stay safe.
Be good, Poppi

Monday, November 13, 2006

Monday It Is....

Howdy ya'll,

Well here it is Monday already and the week has begun. As I sit here and try to update my blog my mind is blank.(normal) I had some company stop by and visit tonight and they brought me one of my favorites, Pumpkin Pie!!
Today has been a whirl of activity what with my Queen lining up Dr. appointments and trying to figure out where to go to renew my CDL before they expire, and me moving from the couch to the chair and then to the recliner and back again. All this moving just makes my head spin. Guess if I had something in my head 'sides air it might weigh more and not tend to spin so bad.
The weather today was beautiful and I got to go out into it for a little while and enjoyed soaking up the rays.
Saturday Sharon and I went to Guntersville to do some business and she pointed out how the trees are so pretty. I have seen them in years past and never thought about them much, until she said something about them. There are so many different colors and shades that I have never noticed before because I never REALLY looked at them.
Anyway the family has all gone to different activities tonight so I thought since I am alone I would update. I'll be going back to the Dr. Wednesday and find out if I get to go back to work and how soon and with what restrictions. I hope all is well and will end well.
Ya'll be good, Poppi

Friday, November 10, 2006

What A Day !!!!!

Howdy friends,
Well here it is Friday and boy what a day it were! I got up early (before dinner) and then had a Dr. Appointment and ended up getting home around 5:30pm. All but the last 30 minutes of the day was spent at the Dr.'s office. I got a good report on my lipids and also got my CDL health card while there. I have been worried about not being able to get it in time to renew my license before they lapse. Now I can go renew with little problems.
Today has been the first day that I really ventured out in almost 2 weeks, (I left my electronic ankle bracelet at home). JK. Anyway I seem to have tolerated it pretty well, but it is amazing how tired you get when you have to get someone to drive you to different places. I would rather drive but I let the Queen drive this time.
Last nite I had a bit o' company and little Elly was here for a while then his mummy and daddy came and ate supper with us and we had a good time. That little feller can sure wear a chubby dude like me out in no time. I ended up going to bed early before he left for home. I hope I didn't hurt his feelings by not standing on the porch and blowing him kisses and hollering bye-bye.
Anyhoo, enough rambling!!!!
Be good, Poppi

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Oooppss, I didn't mean ta holler that loud, hope I didn't wake any sleeping babies.

Anyhow, Howdy friends and naybers,
Well here it is the day after and we'uns is still kickin' even after all the fuss and hoopla of getting all these folks voted into office. I trust they will do their best for the best of us common folk. Those that want to use their office to damage us I hope will be held in check by their colleagues and not get to unleash evils that have long-range effects. 'Nough rambling about elections.

Another day is upon us whether we are ready or not and I hope it will be a good one. The sky is still cloudy and it looks like more rain could be in our future if it decides to.
I am feeling better and hope to get caught up on my schooling so I won't be too far behind when I go back to class. My instructor is working with me and I am thankful for that since I hope to be done with my studies in the summer. Me Queen has been busy around the castle cooking, canning, and cleaning, and taking care of me. I really am thankful for her and hope it ain't too much work for her. She's a good 'un and iff'n I was half as good it'd be awesome. But I is who I is and without all the spinach and fluff.

Well I gotta go, company is coming up to spend some time with us and I don't want to bore ya with too much rhetoric.
Be good, Poppi

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Tuesday It Is...

Howdy do ya'll,

Well here it is already Tuesday, the day to vote, and am I glad. I am so tired of the campaigning and the mudslingin' that goes with it. I hope the best people win and the country can stay the meanness that is rampant. I thought about running for governor but I didn't want to embarrass Gov. Bobby too bad and show off so I let him make his own name.

Today is another day with liquid sunshine and boy, has it shone. I bet we got enough rain to drown a fish. Speaking of fish, I haven't been in a while and am really itchin' to go. I am almost feeling ready enough to consider giving those fish a hard time some day in the near future before I go back to work. One good thing about the fall weather is it causes the fish to pack together in certain spots and that makes for fun times when you find them.

Anyway, I voted, and am encouraging ya'll to vote too!
Be good, Poppi WeeeHooo Smurf fer Sherff!!!!!

Monday, November 06, 2006

A New Day !

Howdy again feller friends,

Well here it is Monday and what have I gotten done today? Nothing much yet but I am getting better and I am looking to get this episode of healing behind me. It is good to have my little girl back home after months...days of being off gallavanting around in the muddy mississippi, I mean Mississippi state. Don't know why Alabama ain't good enuff for her anymore. Anyway she claims to have had a good time but we'll see.

Our neighbors got some more goats yesterday so we got more variety to look at now, it used to be just white goats, brown goats, whiteandbrown goats, and brown goats. Now we have the black goats to look at too! Life is just so exciting,,,,If you don't want to look at goats then you can watch the carrots rotate in the microwave OR watch the kudzu take over the fencerow.(my favorite)

Well gotta go I got another excitin' thing fixin to happen and I don't want to miss a thing.
Ya'll be good, Poppi

Friday, November 03, 2006

I'm Baaack!!!

Howdy friends and neighbors,
I told you last week that I would try to keep you updated better this week but I have not felt up to it until today. So here I am and maybe I can keep my promise. It has been a long week and I feel I am getting stronger now, (Finally). The procedure I had done Monday took only 20 minutes to do but the recovery time seems slightly longer. I am thankful for a good wife and kids that have helped me during this time.

Tonight my brother John and his family are coming up to bring supper and visit and I am looking forward to seeing them. It seems like it has been a long time since we have had any time together. They are bringing Tim and Amy and their son Ryan with them and it will be the first time for me to see the baby (In person), so I am looking forward to seeing them.

Ben has been working on his school pretty hard this week and is finally getting caught up in his subjects. Vanessa left with some other young people for Hattiesburg MS this morning and won't be back till Sunday nite. Her birthday is Sunday the 5th and she turns 19 for her last year as a teenager. Getting old quick? Naw! Just growin' up too stinkin' fast, I bet ya.

Anyway I am going to sit in the sunshine for a little while later today when it warms up some and try to soak up the rays. The summer has left us and now the fall has fell so any warmth that can be gleaned in the middle of the day must be gotten if possible. I am thankful for heat in the house. Can you imagine trying to stay warm in a cave at nite without knowing what a fire was (to keep you warm) and only wearing some stinky cold animal hide to keep you warm? In some ways the modern world is going crazy but I am all for the heat and air systems that have been developed. YeeeHawww!!!!
Ya'll have a good day and don't spend to much time on The Google. Be good, Poppi