Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mercy and Grace

Howdy Ya'll,
Well here it is, this is the day I have been waiting's Today. Actually I've been enjoying every day since last Friday nite. It is so good to be FREE from the way I used to be!!!!!! I told you in a previous post that some things will change in the future and now it is happening. I want my postings to be a blessing to those who are living for God and for those who aren't I hope it will be an inspiration to seek higher things. In this world we live in, the events that unfold around us can sometimes overshadow the fact that we have a heavenly father that cares for us and will give us grace for EVERY situation. I thank God that He has designed salvation in such a way that we can live free from sin. Just think, only one sin would give you a guilt complex and then the peace and joy would not be there because the devil would make sure that you REMEMBER that one little sin and that would bring on depression and finally a "what's the use", feeling. Ain't that dude just slick? Yep, he makes me sick!!!! For those of you that read my blog and don't believe that saved people can live without sin let me tip you in on something: Saved folks only live without sin on days that end in Y!!! Yessireee, a saved person can sin only on days that don't end in Y, so, that gives liberal leeway for goofing off right???
Anyway, I hope you all will keep reading and maybe I can make your day a little brighter, I just hope you don't burn your computer just so you have light.
Ya'll be good,

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Whole Lotta Nuthin'...

Howdy ya'll,
How are ever'body do be doin'? Uss'ns is just doodly. We are trying to get back in the groove after taking a few days off. We went to the campmeeting for a couple of days and now have to get ready for school Monday morning.
There isn't a whole passel of exciting doowillys goin' on to report about, but me Queen is still purty!! She somehow got some kind of bug all worked up and he went off and bit her ankle. She got a spot on it that is hard and the whole ankle is swole up and bluish red kinda. If that weren't enuff trouble on Saturday she reached to pick up a 2 liter bottle and a yeller jacket stung her on the middle finger and swole it up bigger than a pickled sausage. I reckon she is goin' ta have ter choose a different finger ta pick her taters with since her longest finger is so sore now. She must have a sweet streak in her blood cause everything around wants a taste.
On another note, I'm back and desiring to stay. (For those who know what I am talking about!) I had a few problems but whatever it takes to make it I am willing to do. I ask for you to 'member me. There are some changes that I will be making in the near future and hope it will benefit those around me.
Well I done rambled on too long again and made you waste your time. Always remember this: You can't be optimistic if you have misty optics.
Ya'll be good,

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Growin' Old...

Howdy 'gin ya'll,
Just how ya'll was this time? Well, on my end it seems to be going fair ta middlin' or right after that. Not a whole lotta news goin' down but the price of gas is goin' up.(Even for the bean kind!!) We'uns just got back from a shower for me neice and her feller. I don't know iff'n we got 'em clean or not, I never seen the water run. I reckon we just dry-cleaned 'em so they got off light. Either way I guess they think they are ready to hitch up and ride off in the sunset someday. It sure makes you feel old when these little kids get up and get married off. Seems like just yesterday that all these dudes was hatched and all I can figger out is that somebody sneaked some fertilizer into their food or drink. They done up and growed outta their sippy cups and car seats. Where has the time slipped away to and how did it go so fast????? I always heard that you know you're gettin' old when the most excitin' thing you look forward to all day is the carrots goin' around in the microwave just before supper. "Nuff said 'bout that!!!
The weather has sure taken a turn for the cooler. I got up this mornin' and went out to get my paper and like to froze into slush. If I wouldn't have known better I would've thought that I stepped into a freezer at Wally-World. But hey, I ain't 'plainin' nary none attall. The hot weather seems to have gone south till next year and I aim to enjoy the fall. The crisp air in the morning seems to have a cleaner smell to it and it is invigorating!(or is it my vinegar drink that is invigorating?)
I'm a guessin' I'll let you go without boring you too much, but remember: "The road to nowhere starts with the first sitting." Also if you sit too much your sitter gets awful flat!!
Ya'll be good,

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Surviving the Flu!!

Howdy 'gin Ya'll,
Well, here I is again and in the flesh. Yep, I'm still on top of the dirt and ain't took the daisy root inspector job yet. I am very thankful for that!!!!
The last post I made mention of the serious Egyptian Flu and I didn't want anybody to contract it and not be aware of the symptoms. There are symptoms that are very noticeable and some that are not so prominent. This flu usually asserts itself with a wave of nausea but not always! Any such sign should be taken seriously and measures to assure your well-being should be paramount. Another very noticeable symptom is the sufferer usually has a distended belly and when the flu has run it's course you will wonder if you will POP!! The flu usually lasts around 40 weeks and then it comes to a culmination.
I have just received word that one of the ladies that had a serious bout of the Egyptian Flu has just got over it and has now become a mummy!!!!! Congrats to her and Doug for the tenacity to stick it out and I hope for them the best in the future.
For those of you who may not have understood the post: Egyptian Flu=Pregnancy and then you become a "mummy".
Ya'll be good,

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Check InTime...

Howdy 'gin ya'll,
Yeah, I know it has been a while since my last post and I promised (sorta) that I would do better. I have been really busy with school and work and some extra activities that I hope are a blessin' ta folks. I won't tell ya what, but you can ask them all about it when you see them.
Well, it seems that the weather finally broke and it is a mite cooler. I reckon that fall is in the air and the days are getting shorter. I couldn't believe it hardly last nite that it was already dark at 7:30pm. I don't usually see what it is doing outside while I'm at work. The only way I can handle my shift and not get depressed is that when I go inside the plant, I don't go or look outside unless I absolutely HAVE to. This way I don't see all the pretty evening weather that I am missing and enjoy so much. Evenings and sunsets are my favorite time of day (besides breakfast, lunch, and supper.)
I guess I'll stop boring everybody and sign off. Before I go I want to wish the best to everybody that has the Egyptian Flu. It'll get better and you'll be glad you toughed it out.
Ya'll be good,