Saturday, August 30, 2008

Jus' Checkin' In....

Howdy Ya’ll,

How ya’ll did was? Doin’ purty good here on this end.

I had a decent day and got some things done around here that I needed to get done. I finished the little wash room that I made for me Queen and the trim is ready to paint, then on to another project. (My garden.)

I tilled up the stuff that is done bearing and am looking forward to planting some more things on Monday. We bought some plants today and they sure look good and strong. We have never had a Fall garden so this will be a new experience. The ground that had been tilled before sure broke up good and is almost like a powder. The other that hasn’t been tilled is still a little clumpy and not as fine.

On a different note it is a holiday weekend and I hope everybody enjoys the extra day off on Monday, but BE SAFE!! We don’t need nobody getting any kind of thingamajig or doomaflijjie hurt or busted. Don’t drink too much tea or lemon aide or you might get a little waterlogged and then you won’t be able to eat any of that good ole BBQ.

Anyway, long enough for gabbin’ and wastin’ your time, I reckon I’ll sign off, but afore I go just remember: Getting an idea should be like sitting on a pin: it should make you jump up and do something!

Ya’ll be good,

Saturday, August 02, 2008

I'm So Thankful for...

Howdy ya'll,

Can you believe it? I am finally updating this thingamadoochi!!!!!!!! Yep, that's right I am!!!

There ain't a whole lot going on here 'cept some of this and some of that, but I am staying busy.
The garden is doing great and I am able to share some of the produce with others and for that I am thankful. I enjoy sharing what God has allowed me to have whether it is produce or the gospel. The 'maters are starting to come in so hopefully I will be able to share some of those with you. They make awesome sammiches and drip wonderfully down your arms since they are so juicy.

I am looking forward to Campmeeting this year and especially so since it will be my spiritual birthday time also. I don't think that I have looked forward to Campmeeting like I am this year since I was a young teenager. The Lord has blessed me so much this past year and for that I also am thankful. I still have a good job although I don't have the shift that I want yet, but the Lord will provide and for that I am thankful.
I also have a good congregation of saints that I can worship with and a Pastor that is true to my soul and for that I am thankful. I don't have to wade through man's interpretation on the scriptures but can take the counsel that God gives through my pastor, whether over the pulpit or personal counseling, and know that the man of God has a concern for my soul and not just keeping the numbers up and for that I also am thankful.

There is so many other things that I am thankful for, but I won't take time for them all since you don't have all day to sit here and read it. There's work to be done, right? Make hay while the sun shines. (Just don't get too hot!)

Ya'll be good,

Monday, June 09, 2008


Howdy ya'll,

Here it is another day in the city and here I am at Calhoun. I took time to take Mr. B to school so he had time to cram a little more studying in for his Cal II test. I reckon that it gives me some time to catch up on the little things.

There's not a whole lotta things going on around here. I have my garden in and it is kinda slow but it looks like it might finally make something. There are several plants that have blooms on them already. I can't hardly wait for the fresh tomatoes to put on my sam'ich..yum, yum, yum!!!

We just finished VBS and it seems to have charged everybody up some and it brought back memories for me. I really enjoyed VBS when I was young and was not happy when I got to old to go. I have memories of VBS way back when I was a little kid in a certain denomination in Michigan. I really loved to go every time it was offered. I also remember the devotion times that were offered in the public elementary school. If they were allowed now maybe the kids would have a positive direction to go into. The many memories that were made over the last week and a half will stay with the children and some may have a different life due to it.

I am thankful for the heritage that I was given and am glad to pass it on to my young'uns. I trust and hope that they will take advantage of it and then pass it on to their little'uns.

Well, there ya go, I updated and rambled and listened to ragtime music all at the same time! Talk about multi-tasking... I'm plumb tuckered out, guess I'll go find Mr. B and see iff'n he's ready to head for the hills so I can get ready to go to work.

Ya'll be good,

Saturday, May 17, 2008

It's Done, It's Over, and Sweetie's Glad

Howdy ya'll,

Well last nite finally arrived, after years of waiting and wondering. I officially graduated from College! I actually received my degree in January, but it just seemed that something was not complete until I actually walked across the stage. So, last nite I finally took the plunge (just like the temperature) and strolled across the avenue and made it final.

I had family and friends there to make sure that I didn't get cold feet. A wonderful surprise, and one that capped the evening- my pastor and his wife took time out of their busy schedule to drive down and attend my graduation and then go out to celebrate with us afterwards. Beautimous, beautimous, beautimous!!!

I want to thank everybody that supported me and gave me encouragement over the last several years. It seemed sometimes that it would never end and at other times it seemed to go very quickly.

Okay, I'll quit rambling so you won't be bored to tears, one more time THANKS AGAIN!!!!!

Ya'll be good,

Saturday, March 29, 2008

What A Day...

Howdy again ya'll,

Well here it is, another day before tomorrow and the sun is about to go down. I am anxious to get my garden in and let it start growing. Today I worked on cleaning off the fence row at the end of the garden so all the trees wouldn't take the juice out of the ground and weaken my plants on that end. I had help from my wife, son-in-law, and daughter. I got so wore out that I claimed "old man " status for a little while and took a nap.

I got to be in the revival the last two nites and am looking forward to being there tonite also. I have really enjoyed hearing Bro. Lloyd preach and bring us the pure and unadulterated word of God. It may come really close and sometimes shave you but boy will it do you good in the end if you take heed and stay measured up.

I just thought that I would update and let everybody know that I am still on the top side of the dirt and loving it.

Ya'll be good,

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Not Much But Here it is.

Howdy ya'll,

Well, here is my monthly post finally. I mean to post a little oftener but the ole noggin' just ain't whut it used to be. I really have to think and study hard to come up with something that might be of interest to everybody.(whoever he is)

I am getting excited about the weather breaking and maybe getting to plant a garden in a few weeks. I want to plant lots of tomatos and peppers, squash, cucumbers, and okra. I hope that I can have enough to share with folks so ya'll pray for a good crop.

I/we have been very busy lately with things around here and elsewhere. I am glad to help those that need it and am glad to be in a position that I can do so. I do what I can to help and don't begrudge the time that it takes to do it or the change of plans that it sometimes entails. Even though there are times that I need to do other things, some things will always come first!

I thank God that I am still saved and am encouraged in the things of God and His church. The further behind me that the old life gets the more I am determined to hang in there and go forward. I want to be a blessing and an encouragement to those around me that are making an effort to stay saved. To those who aren't I want to be an example and a witness for the kingdom of God.

Well, I need to go so ya'll hang in there and don't let go of the rope and remember that: in order to get to where ya wanna go, ya gotta start!!

Ya'll be good,

Monday, February 04, 2008

It's Been A While...

Howdy ag'in ya'll,
Well here it is another rainy day and that let's me sit here and type without guilt. I hope everybody had a great superbowl Sunday. I sure did, especially since I didn't listen to it at all. I spent my time in a much wiser way; I went to church and got food for my soul!!!!!

Many people may think that is goofy, but the superbowl ain't gonna get you into heaven. The messages this whole past month have been awesome, awesome, awesome!!!
I really enjoy the 2007 report card series. It is also wonderful to sit there and hear the preaching and KNOW in your heart that you are clear in all the points that are made.
For those of you who read this and can pray, please remember my desire to be on first shift and pray that God will work it out for me.

On another note, I am really happy to see that "It's A Wonderful Life" is back on the blogging scene. I am so glad that God took care of her situation and blessed her family. I really missed reading her posts and now am looking forward to reading them again. May God bless her and her family with more goodness in the future than they can handle for their faithfulness. They have been an inspiration to me and when I face things in the future I pray that I can be as steady as they have been and keep a good attitude.

Well, I'll not bore you too much however since I enjoy reading other posts I figured that I needed to check in also.
Also, I finished up my education the 14th of December and this past Monday I received my Diploma. I officially have an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Electrical Technology for Industrial Maintenance. (Summa Cum Laude) Whew!! What a mouthful. Anyway I am thankful that me Queen stood by me and kept me encouraged. Thank You so much Queen of My Heart !!!!!!!!!!!

Ya'll be good,