Saturday, March 29, 2008

What A Day...

Howdy again ya'll,

Well here it is, another day before tomorrow and the sun is about to go down. I am anxious to get my garden in and let it start growing. Today I worked on cleaning off the fence row at the end of the garden so all the trees wouldn't take the juice out of the ground and weaken my plants on that end. I had help from my wife, son-in-law, and daughter. I got so wore out that I claimed "old man " status for a little while and took a nap.

I got to be in the revival the last two nites and am looking forward to being there tonite also. I have really enjoyed hearing Bro. Lloyd preach and bring us the pure and unadulterated word of God. It may come really close and sometimes shave you but boy will it do you good in the end if you take heed and stay measured up.

I just thought that I would update and let everybody know that I am still on the top side of the dirt and loving it.

Ya'll be good,

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Not Much But Here it is.

Howdy ya'll,

Well, here is my monthly post finally. I mean to post a little oftener but the ole noggin' just ain't whut it used to be. I really have to think and study hard to come up with something that might be of interest to everybody.(whoever he is)

I am getting excited about the weather breaking and maybe getting to plant a garden in a few weeks. I want to plant lots of tomatos and peppers, squash, cucumbers, and okra. I hope that I can have enough to share with folks so ya'll pray for a good crop.

I/we have been very busy lately with things around here and elsewhere. I am glad to help those that need it and am glad to be in a position that I can do so. I do what I can to help and don't begrudge the time that it takes to do it or the change of plans that it sometimes entails. Even though there are times that I need to do other things, some things will always come first!

I thank God that I am still saved and am encouraged in the things of God and His church. The further behind me that the old life gets the more I am determined to hang in there and go forward. I want to be a blessing and an encouragement to those around me that are making an effort to stay saved. To those who aren't I want to be an example and a witness for the kingdom of God.

Well, I need to go so ya'll hang in there and don't let go of the rope and remember that: in order to get to where ya wanna go, ya gotta start!!

Ya'll be good,