Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Howdy ya'll,
Well bless the Lord!!! I reckon I'll update since the last commenter whupped up on me. There ain't much going on over here except work and school. I have several research papers that I have to get done within several weeks and two more speeches that I have to outline and give. I have never been so anxious for a semester to end! There are so many assignments that sometimes my head whirls and I can't keep it all straight.
I am really thankfull for the mercy that God had on me and I never want to take it for granted. When God said to live without sin He meant it. Just one sin will cause you to commit another and then the peace that He wants you to have will be gone and the condemnation sets in and the Devil will rub it in. If you don't believe that living without sin is possible then consider this website. If you argue with these scriptures then you are arguing with God, since it's His word.
Well, anyway, thank God for truth and a church that believes in living right.
Gotta go, I hear work calling me.
Ya'll be good,