Saturday, April 14, 2007

Ain't It Cool?????

Howdy Ya'll,
I reckon since I don't have this blog set up for updation automation I'll havta do it in manualination typeification through keyboardization with digit manipulationflexification, so, here goes....
Well here it is another cool Spring day in the beautiful city of Morgan, Alabama. The weather the last couple weeks have been sorta different and the cold snap got abount $50.00 worth of plants that I had in the garden. Guess I'll have to replant with something else.
School has been an adventure this semester and I have for the most part enjoyed it(sorta). There is one class that I know what I am doing but I seemingly just can't make it happen. This leaves me frustrated and then I dread the class. However it will be over in a few weeks. Yesss!!
On a different note, work has been going smoothly lately, too smooth, so something is bound to happen in the near future to mess it up. I have designed and built several wood projects and different tools these past few weeks, but other than that they just ain't much happenin' so I guess I'll close, but think aboot this 'un fer a coupla days or until I get back wit' ya, Why do they use sterilized needles for death by lethal injection?
"Nough nonsense, Ya'll be good,