Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Rain and Attitude

Howdy 'gin ya'll,
Well, here it is another day in the city(Morgan City). Ain't nary much goin' on here today 'ceptin' breathin' and stayin' dry. I am glad to finally be getting some rain but boy howdy it sure does make the weeds grow in the garden. We are finally harvesting some out of the garden and it is soooooooo gooood!!
Saturday I went trout fishing with two friends of mine and we brought 15 home. We actually caught more but there is a 5 fish limit per person. We were just below the Smith Lake Dam from about 8am til 12:30pm and it rained the whole time!! Not just a drizzle mind you but RAIN!! We all had on rain suits but I reckon we musta sweated or they leaked 'cause all of us was soaking wet when we got done. On the way home it quit and the sun came out and it was plumb purty as all get out. If only it had popped out earlier we coulda been partly dry for the trip home.
Well, here it has happened again, you wasted another perfectly good 15 minutes reading a buncha mindless drivell and are prolly bored ta tears. Well now that your done ya can cheer up and remember: The road to nowhere begins with the first step and if you take it now you'll be on your way.
Ya'll be good,