Saturday, October 28, 2006

What a Day it Were!

Howdy feller friends,
Today was a day that turned out to be different from the last few I have had. Today I actually had fun. (sort of) Vanessa and I got up early and went with a Calhoun school group to a Renaissance Fair in Florence, AL. It was interesting seeing all the costumes and the supposed way of life (as seen through english eyes) that was lived then. Some of the outfits were really intensive and others were sorta ghoulish and goofy. It seems that a person could dress anyway they wanted to and it was just fine. It reminded me of today's people, just a bunch of slovenly bums that don't want any body to tell them what to do.

After that exciting encounter and freezing to death nearly, we went to a resturant about halfway across the state and ate lunch. It was a decent place but the company we were in made us wish for a release so we could head for home. After the lunch we went to UNA for a campus tour. I reckon Calhoun wants to shuck us and send us somewhere more expensive so we will feel like we earned something for our money. We finally got home around 5:30 or sixish maybe earlier or later, it depends which angle you looked at the clock from.

Sharon and Ben picked up Nathan and Kim's girls then they went to Wally-World and he stocked the drinks and and they brought them home for the weekend(the girls that is). Seems that Nathan and Kim needed some rest and relaxation since Olivia gives 'em a run for their money on the chatter circuit (She's still a little sweety). I've been home for several hours and the quietest it has been is when I went down to the shop and helped Ben put some of his 4-wheeler parts away. He has a bunch of parts to sell if'fn you want to spend some money.

Anyway if you wonder what I am up to don't wonder just read through my ramblings above and have a good day. Be good, Poppi

Friday, October 27, 2006

Where did the days go?

Howdy friends neighbors and feller countrymen,
Well here it is already, FRIDAY and I just now have time to collect my thoughts and try to put 'em down for you to see, er read. Hey! You come back here! (Sorry about that, one of my thoughts just tried to leave.) Anyway, through my window today I see ... You guessed it, liquid sunshine again. According to the radar the brighter dryer sunshine should be here when it comes. (Hopefully today.) I had a chance to talk to my instructors yesterday and it looks like my classes will work out so I may be able to graduate in the spring. I will have two more semesters with full load schedules and then I hope the light at the end of the tunnel will be freedom and not a train! This past couple of semesters have been a challenge but with Sharon and the kid's encouragement I think I'll be able to stick it out.
The other day I actually got to play with Elliott and boy did I have a time. He is growing up so big so fast and is a great ham already. He has a chintzy smile and loves to show it to you, just ask him. I got a good crop of kids (son-in-law included) and am so tickled that the woman I married raised 'em with the right blend of fertilizer. Maybe she could write down the recipe and make some money off'n it.
Anyway that is what you would have seen if you looked through my window this week and,... in the next few weeks I hope to be able to keep a better posting for you. Be good, Poppi

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Totally Relaxicated

Howdy friends,
Well here it is Saturday and all I got done is what I finished. I know I didn't post the last few days but here I is!!!! Anyhoo I got up this morning and took my sweety (she got up too!) and went to G'ville and wet some hooks. I only got some nibbles and couldn't make any connections with the fish I was wanting for supper so I finally came home and ate some kinda pizza concoction Vanessa fired up for us and boy was it some good stuff!! After munchin' it up I took mr. B out to Arab to show off some of his bikes and see if he could sell them but the guy wanted to give him too low a dollar amount so no sale. Sharon cut the grass in the back yard and when I got home I cut the grass in the front yard and let the rest go. I got to relax and enjoy watching the turtles slip into the water when we got to close. There were some ducks and geese and we saw some herons standing on the shore just soaking up the sun and working on their tans. You know you have gotten to close to them when they come alive and give a prehistoric screech and then fly off over the top of you. It just makes you hope somebody hasn't painted a target on your head while you slept. Anyway I thought I would try to let you see what I saw out of my window today. Well I'll try to keep you posted unless I don't have time or forget. Until next time ya'll be cool and stay dry unless it rains on ya!! Be good,Poppi

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Howdy friends and neighbors...

Howdy friends and neighbors,
Well here it is another day with liquid sunshine and perfect weather to sleep in, yeah right!!! I woke up this morning and looked out my window and considered my options; I could skip school, go to school, eat breakfast, not eat breakfast, stay inside and not get wet or go outside and get soaked. I finally decided to get up and kiss my sweety and wish her a happy 25th anniversary! Boy was that a great idea! hehe Anyway I emailed star 99 last nite and put our date on the list and this morning we listened to them call it out and then we had our name drawn out of all the entries (there were two) to win a gift from the chocolate gallery in Huntspatch. Boy you talk about woohooing and getting excited. Well actually we didn't but were very respectfully thankful. Now my sweety can eat some sweets for free. Anyway on to school like a good little boy I went, and then Sharon and I met for lunch at the Barn in the hills, (Barnhills). Then I went to Huntsville and picked up my gift certificate for the chocolate thingys. After I got it I went on to work and had a fairly decent nite. However getting home is better!!! A bad day at home is sooo much better than a good day at work and as long as Sharon is with me the only thing that could make it better is on the lake fishing! Anyway I will not bore you with all the sordid details and I hope you all enjoyed the look out my window with me. Be good, Poppi

Monday, October 16, 2006

Howdy to ya'll and a good day too. If you look out my window today you will see liquid sunshine. It has condensed and also covered the ground so be careful when you drive or you could end up seeing what you weren't expecting. A culvert maybe? Or a ditch? Anyway the Queen and I went to Huntspatch this morning and on the way home they blasted the bridge pilings out and it felt like an earthquake. The ground shook and the windows at the bank vibrated and I thought they would pop out of the frames. Tomorrow will be the 25th anniversary for the Queen and I. Wow time sure does fly when your having fun and working and going to school and trying to keep up a home and property and trying to visit friends and fishing and raising kids and playing with a handsome little grandson (I'm not biased just convinced, after all he is kin to me). Well actually he got his good looks from somebody else probably but I don't guess it hurts to dream. Anyway I gotta go work on some school so I hope looking through my window will make for a brighter day. Poppi

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Hello everyone and welcome to my world. I am new to the bloggin' world but have enjoyed reading them on Ben'e's page. She has helped me set up my own account and I will try to keep it updated as much as possible. I am sometimes kind of busy so I don't have time to keep a journal and she thought that this might help me to get started keeping up with what is going on. So!!!!! Welcome to Poppi's Window..