Thursday, December 27, 2007

I Survived...

Howdy agin' ya'll,
Well, here it is, another day on this side of the river and a good day to relax. The season of Christmas is come and nearly gone and I came through it still saved. I really enjoyed spending some time with my family and I think that it was the best Christmas get-together I have been to in a long time.
Yesterday we went to the Hospital and stayed with my sister while her husband had some gall stones removed. He is back home and I pray doing well. (Poor fellar, couldn't eat none of that good food that we had at his house while he were in the horspital.) Anyway, we didn't leave the "city" til about 6:15pm and I couldn't wait to get to church service.
I am amazed at how different my desires are now. I love people and the things of God so much that sometimes I can hardly hold it all in. The services are SOOOOO good and I sincerely love the man of God who preaches the good word of God to us so we can live and BE the sons of God!! Ain't it cool to be numbered with the saints?
There is no way that I would want to live with sin as my master. How people say you have to sin and still be saved is mind-boggeling. If you commit a sin the guilt and shame that it brings is so immediate and devastating. I believe that people WANT to commit sin because of the self-love and carnal desires that they have in their life. Thank God that those desires can be washed away and the peace of God can flood your soul to such an extent that you don't WANT to commit sin. THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!
I have been reading a book about Bro. D.S. Warner and the Birth of a Reformation and it is amazing and a blessing what the early ministers had to go through just to establish the standard of holiness that God intended for us to have. If you get a chance to read it I highly recommend it to you. The Bible states that "without holiness no man shall see the Lord" so, if you don't have God in your life and aren't living holy then what are you leaning on to get you through the judgment? Also by holiness I am not talking about the "speaking in tongues" type of holiness that people can have and still commit sin. Think about it friend and don't let this world keep you away from serving God!
Well I guess that I better go, I have some things that I need to get done.
Ya'll be good,

Saturday, December 08, 2007


Howdy again ya'll,
Well here it is, another day gone and I still ain't done with school. I have been studying all day long and there is no end in sight. Well, actually there Thursday!! I have two finals and then I AM FINISHED!!! Yep, then you can stick a fork in me and call me done. I will have been tenderized from years of study and stressing out over grades. I hope it will be worth it!
This afternoon I was taking a break and loaded a ladder on the truck and was strappin' it down when the strap slipped off'n the hook and KERWHAMMO, I slung my sore thumb (actually it wasn't sore just yet) into the side of the ladder!! Boy, howdy, hello, mercy me, and wowzer did the world light up!! I grabbed my (now sore) thumb and held it real gentlelike and couldn't say a word. It hurt so bad that it took my breath away and caused my brain to go numb and blank. Anyway my Queen saw that it hurt me some and sent a prayer up right then. The pain went out of it real quick like and I was able to finish up loading the ladder. Later the throbbing sorta set in and it is letting me know that it is still hangin' on. I typed this but it weren't near as quick as I usually type. I reckon I might lose the nail afore I get to much older, but I know it won't help my looks none.
I thank the Lord that through all of this commotion, I still didn't have to sin, say a cuss word, or gnaw the bark off no trees. I was able to handle it like a saved person and boy do that feel GOOD!!
'Till later,