Friday, March 30, 2007

Here I Is...

Howdy again ya'll,
Well, here I am again and what a day this is. I woke up today and it actually is a little cloudy and I absolutely hope it might just come a rain. I've got a little school to get done today and then go to work. We are doing inventory at work and most of it is done on 2nd shift. The front office people are doing most of it, but man they look like ants the way they crawl and infest every area of the stock racks. I guess it has to be done and it is better for them to do it than me.
Yesterday in Welding class I started to learn how to do TIG welding with a set rig. I have TIG welded before and the ones I used have a foot pedal to control the amperage of the wand. On this type you set the amperage and then as you weld you have to manually turn it down or you will blow a hole in the metal. It is taking some getting used to but I am trying to master it.
Whooeeee... me Sweetie fixed up some red-eye gravy and biscuits for breakfast and did I ever enjoy them dudes. Man they was so good I almost licked the bowl clean, but I didn't. As ya'll can tell, she is a purty good cooker woman, me being so portly and all. I am trying to lose a little weight so I got a haircut this morning; actually I got a bunch of them cut!! I don't think it helps me look any better, but I sure do feel better. I got glasses to help me look I guess I mean see better. Well, I'll let ya'll go and stop ramblin', but think about this fer a second, Why does Superman stop bullets with his chest but then dodge if a revolver is thrown at him?
Ya'll be good,

Sunday, March 18, 2007


Howdy ya'll,
Well here it is, another beautiful day in the city...ugh, country. I thought that Spring had come but I think I might have some doubts about it. It turned off chilly and messed up my plans this past weekend. I was planning to go fishing and enjoy Saturday with my Sweetie, but she took off for VA last Thursday and then it rained and the fish bite turned off due to the cold snap. I think my Sweetie and I will attempt to go wet a hook next weekend. I am glad she got to go see her folks and hope she has a good time. I am very thankful that Brandon and Rebecca and Elly got to go too. I didn't really want her to go by herself so it worked out perfect for them to go even if it meant that they left 2 days early.
I just heard from her a while ago and they have snow up there and built a snowman and Elly just loved it. She said that Elly loves his great-grandma and is soaking up all the attention that she gives him.(spoiled?) Nah!(Little boys all smell that way!!)
Well this is spring break from school and I aim to enjoy it as much as possible even though I have to take a Criminal Justice Exam by Friday. Just having a week off from studying is nice.
Have I rambled on long enough? Well, if you feel that way then I guess I should sign off and let ya go, but before I go think about this: Why does someone believe you when you say there are four billion stars, but check when you say the paint is wet?
'Till next time, Ya'll be good,

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Spring has Sprungded...

Howdy ya'll again,
Well here it is, another day and another dollar in the hole. There ain't nuthin' much happening here except work and school. It is sorta interesting watching Mr. B chaw food with his new hardware. The pore sole is gonna waste away fer not gettin' nothin' down the hatch. Anyway I think him and me sweetie is headin' for VA Thursday with Bran' and Rebecca. I hope they have a safe one and enjoy them little selves. Uh-oh gotta go.
Be good, Poppi

Sunday, March 04, 2007


Howdy Ya'll,
Well, here I is agi'n and there ya'll is too!! Ya' thought that ya could get through another week without reading my blog, uh? Well evidently it didn't work 'cause yer readin' it.hehe Anyway I'm glad to see ya. No, there ain't nothing much going on here except school and work but it gets the job done.
I started to put some sheetrock up in the attic so I could put some shelves up for my Sweetie so she could store some stuff on, so she could organize it somewhat, so we could have more room to put more stuff, so we could have more things to organize and save. Whew! I'm tarred out just thinkin' about it!!!! My Sweetie and I went to the home show yesterday and it was pretty neat, and interesting. We got all sorts of ideas and might accidently use some of them unless we forget them before we get the chance to actually do them. It seems that there just isn't enough time to get it all done anymore. The older we get the quicker we run out of time and,... well, no philosiphizing! After we got done at the home show we runned over to JandD's for supper and to celebrate his birthday. Man, is that dude gettin' old or what? He done gone and tipped the scales at 44 years old and he don't look a day less either.(jk, Jman) We had a good evening and looked at a project he is working on in his shop. It kinda made me jealous that he could be related so close to me and do such pretty woodworking and it seems that all I'm good at, is making a mess. Maybe someday...
Well, I done gone on and rambled too long already, but you musta enjoyed it 'cause yer still readin'. I reckon I'll close, but just think about this till next time: Why do people keep running over a string a dozen times with their vacuum cleaner, then reach down, pick it up, examine it, then put it down to give the vacuum one more chance?
Ya'll be good, Poppi