Wednesday, January 31, 2007

At It Again...

Howdy ya'll,
How did ya be doin'?? Me, just good and been better but I got over it. Anyway I thought that I would update and not frustrate people when they look at my page and not see sumpthin' new. I done gone and figgered out that it is purty cold outside and it feels better in the house with my slippers on and a good cup of coffee. It makes looking out at the cold more bearable.
I have been busy this week in school and have made a drill/thread gage in machine shop and then tommorrow I will be moving on to a new type of welding rod and technique in welding class. I also have a test in there so I have to study and get ready for it. I really enjoy my classes this time and overall I have enjoyed all my classes since I started studying for this degree.
I am also studying Criminal Justice this semester and it is quite involved but it is fun and I hope that I can learn not to be a criminal.
Well I don't have time for a looooonnnngggg post so I will leave you with one thing to consider:
* How come it takes so little time for a child who is afraid of the dark to become a teenager who wants to stay up all night ?
Think about it.
Be good, Poppi

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Caught Ya!!!!

Howdy ya'll,
I bet ya thought that you could get through another day without looking at my blog, uh? Well it didn't work 'cause here ya are lookin' at it. I know you probably thought (and hoped) I would never update this here page, but HERE I Is.
Anyhoo, life goes on and on and on and on and... ya get the pitchure, pikter, pitcure, picture. I have been busy in school and on the job and haven't had a whole lot of time to work on this page. I had to get Missy V to work on the behind-the-scenes logistics of this blog so I could update it to. I couldn't update until I went to the new blogger format and I had trouble with it so she put her smarts to the task and got-R-done for me.
Friday I did something that I wanted to do for several years, I got my lifetime fishing license so I never have to worry about them expiring and getting caught by the Game Warden. Two or three years ago I was out fishing and had a good day with lots of fish and got home and looked at my license and they had expired 3 weeks earlier!! Talk about timing or luck, ...I saw a marine patrol boat, but he turned the other way just before he got to me, and I realized (just before I saw him) that I had forgotten the life vests that we were supposed to have in the boat!!! Needless to say me and Mr. B headed for home just so we wouldn't push the envelope.
Well I guess I'll go for now, but between now and then consider this: Why do Kamikaze pilots wear helmets?
Be good, Poppi

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Are You Cold Yet?

Howdy ya'll,
Come on in and make yorself right to home. If 'n ya can't come in, then peek in me window and see what the weather has brought. COLD and MORE COLD. That is outside though, but in here it is warm as toast without the butter. Outside it is colder than a muffleshnuffel. Anyway I think Mr. Winter has finally arrived(at least for this week.) I would like for all the naysayers on global warming to explain this unfortunate spate of events that have happened and brought us this ICE on the land. If global warming is haunting us then how come it can still get cold enough to freeze water? I guess it is the same argument that evolutiontists have to deal with; If we evolved then why are there still monkeys? Sometimes I think I work for some evolved people(just kiddin').
Well, I am back in study land and boy is it fast paced this time around. I started classes and in one class we are already on chapter 5. I have 4 chapters in a different class that I have to be ready for a test on by the 21st. If I keep going at this rate I might be confused...ugh...knowledgeable by the end of the semester. I done learned so much that I can't keep it all in order and seperated like they want me to so, who knows I might answer a question in machine shop with a welding answer.(scary right?) Either way I am hoping to get my schooling behind me by the middle of July.YES!!!!!!
Here at home there ain't much happenin' 'cept school,school and more school. Me pore Queen is running around and trying to help all of us schooling young'uns to get better grades and keeping up with our to-do schedules. She is sure enough a good one to have around!!!!!!
Even with all the chaos, I still love her and my chillen and try to make a decent livin' and stay outta truble...tribble...trahbble...trubble...yeah trouble.
Uh-Oh gotta go. (Time fer werk!!)
Be good, Poppi

Saturday, January 13, 2007

He Done Got Older...Wiser?

Howdy again ya'll,
Well here it is the day after yesterday and I finally got time to update this here journal page. We had a good crowd of young'uns here for the B's 16th birthday party. It was a surprise for him and it turned out pretty good. He was blessed with gifts and food (we helped him eat the goodies....) and the young people had fun talking and playing games. His birthday was back on Christmas day and this is the first time it worked out to get everbody together to celebrate. Now that he done added another year to his resume', reckon he got any smarter? We can only hope for the best. If it weren't for his'n momma he wouldn't have had a chance in the brain department. He shore is lucky she had some to share with him or he would have been in trouble.
He worked down in the shop on his 4 wheeler for part of the day and when it came time to start the activities it were harder than pulling chicken's teeth ta git him outta there!!!! Anyhoo, I finally got him movin' and then the games began. I hope we can git back on the 4 wheeler before too long and get it together before we forget what goes where. He is building a right purty 'un and I don't blame him too much for gettin' ants in his pants to be ridin' on that little hoss.
On a different note, (tenor I think) we is back strokin' on a full schedule of college again. I have a full load and am hoping to finish in the summer. The two classes I am taking this semester are expensive toolwise but when I get them all bought I will have a pretty good stash to use in the future.
Well I don't want to bore ya with my life's history so I am gonna sign off. I will try to do better and keep the blogging more up to date in the future. (Didn't tell ya how close in the future)
Be good, Poppi