Sunday, May 20, 2007

Taggo it Is

Howdy ya'll,
Here it is another purty day and I found out that I was taggededed a couple days ago. Lucky me, I finally decided to check out my comments...Right?
Well, here goes nothing and I hope it ain't too cheezey:

1. Puzzles? Enjoy 'em but don't do 'em. It seems in the past that every time I would work on one that my Queeny would help and then come down with the Egyptian Flu. For those of you that have never heard of it, this "flu" is a serious condition and usually within nine months of contracting it you become a "Mummy". So....Puzzles are OUT!

2. Nail Biting? Don't do that either. It seems that all the different work that I do there is always the possibility of residue that somehow remains under my nail. I figured out after one or two episodes that I hated the taste and I never developed a passion for unknown particles. Also, having grown up on a farm, I quickly found out that mucking the barn and nail biting are not conducive to each other and leaves a VERY bad aftertaste!!!!!!!!

3. Fishing? Like it, Love it, want some more of it. And since my Queenie is interested in it I can't get enough of it. (I have too many projects to get done while I am off school this semester and it really hampers my chance to go.)

4. Saving? I try to save money but it seems that there is always something to buy, so, I save things. Usually whatever I throw away will be needed within the next few days and...If I would have saved what I threw away I would not have to spend good money to NOW go buy it. This is also one reason I worry...What I worry about never happens!!! So, see worrying IS good. hehe

5. Reading? I enjoy reading but have little time for it. I love the way a good book can take you away and relieve stress. However the return to reality is a little bumpy.

6. Questions? I have plenty!! Since I will never have a chance to get them all answered I will just continue to figure out what I can and let the rest go. Live, Learn, Pay taxes, and Die and forget it all!!!

7. Business? I've got a good head for business...She's called Queenie!!!! I could do it, but she's so much better at figureing out how to rob Peter to pay Paul and stretching a dollar fifty different ways that there is no need for me to meddle in those affairs. She is so nifty at it that, if she could shake the powder out of George's hair and sell it, she would. (Lucky for Geo. he's dead)

8. Food? I am all for it. I love fresh veggies. Ever hear of tomatoes and green beans??? What with me being a diabetic and all, I fortunately don't crave sweets and have a passion for REAL food. I could eat meat and veggies all day long and would still be glad to let YOU have the desert and candy. Fact: This morning I made a fresh vegetable and sausage omelet for breakfast since that is what my boy asked for. I know my food addiction shows but then again I look at it this way, It took years of careful and selective investment to acheive the figure I have today.

I reckon since I was taggeded, I let ya in on some secrets about me and hope I didn't ruin your day with my ramblin'. This is the first taggin' I responded to and now I understand the sayin',
"I've come to the age that happy hour is a nap!!"
Ya'll be good,

Monday, May 14, 2007

Veggies on the Way!!!!

Howdy agin' ya'll,
Well here it is spring and I finally got my garden planted Saturday. All the kiddi-poos 'ceptin' one helped ta get-r-done. The first planting was frozen out by the freak cold snap that the canadians sent us. (What friends...ugh????) Even little Elly helped us out. (He threw dirt in the air and helped to smooth out the high spots in the rows.) We will have to water the plants until we get some rain and hopefully it will be here Wednesday. Anyway I can't wait to be ettin' on some fresh veggies and hopefully my garden will produce good enuff to share some with friends and naybors.
Sunday was decoration day at the graveyard and we got my Daddy's and my nephew's area all fixed up decent. After we got it all done, me Queen and I walked around the cemetary and looked at some of the other sites and man, there sure are a lot of people dyin' ta get in there!!! I didn't realize that so many people that I knew had passed. It sorta makes ya think about how short life really is.
Well so much for ramblin', I'll keep this one short. Until next time, consider this, Why is it that no matter what color bubble bath you use the bubbles are always white?
Ya'll be good,

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Long Time No Post!!

Howdy Ya'll Again,
Well here it is another day and a couple dollars shorter. I finally got some time to post something. I have been busy in school and haven't had a whole lotta time to keep up with all the news that isn't. I have one more final exam to take tommorrow and then I will be done for this semester!!!!!! Wooooooohooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, I sorta got excitalateded there and I reckon it just jumped out of me. I ain't the type to get all shooked up about things but I might just jump iff'n I get skeered.
Saturday 'fore last Sharon, Vanessa, and me went to G'ville and watched the Bassmaster Elite weigh-in. We got to see one of our favorite fisherman win the Elite Championship. He is Kevin VanDam, (KVD) from Kalamazoo Michigan. It is neat to read about all these professionals in the fishing papers and magazines and then seeing or meeting them in person. WayCool!! We were very appreciative that he was human and sorta cried when he spoke about goin' home for the first time since February 9th. You could tell he really missed his'n wifey and kiddypoos. I am glad for him that he Finally won an Elite series on G'ville for the first time since 1989.
Well nuff'n 'bout fishin, but then again, me Queeny said she wanted to learn how to bass fish and boy am I willin' ta learn her how. It sounds like I will finally have a fishing buddy and hopefully a good competitor to keep me challenged. I hope she outdoes me and then I have to work for braggin' rights!!!!
Anyhoopy, last nite we got some rain and had some lighting. I think everybody slept through it 'cept me. It woke me up around 1:30am and then I couldn't go back to sleep for a while, but I am glad for the rain since it cleans the atmosphere and settles the pollen. Me little girl has allergy problems and what with all the pollen she sure has suffered. Poor Young'un.
Well, I reckon I'll blow on outta here and not keep ya too long, but 'fore I go think about this:
Money can't buy happiness -- but it's more comfortable to cry in a Corvette than in a Yugo .
Ya'll be good,