Sunday, February 18, 2007

I've Been

Howdy again ya'll,
Well it is officially over (the ceremony that is.) This afternoon, Sharon and I went down to Decatur and I went through the INDUCTION thingamabobber. Me Sweetie informed me that I weren't induced after all. She told me that only women are induced and men are there to pay the bills!! Missy V was supposed to be there too, but she wasn't able to go. She is feeling gooder now that all the pomp and circumstance is over. The ceremony wasn't very long, just an hour. Any way I really want to thank my Sweetie, and my family for giving me the encouragement and the help that I needed to get to this point. Without their support I would probably not done as well and might have given up a long time ago. When I got tired, they were right there and told me to keep on 'cause it was worth it. Even though I might not get to graduate this summer like I wanted to I will eventually get there (hopefully in December!) I am not sure if I will go this summer since the scholarships I have won do not pay for the summer semester.
On a different note, did anybody notice that the temperature is sorta chilly? I think if it were one degree lower it would qualify as downright cold. If the wind weren't so strong it wouldn't be so bad. I ain't complaining, just looking forward to spring and FISHING again.
Well, I'll let you go but before I do think about this...The statistics on sanity are that one out of every four persons is suffering from some sort of mental illness. Think of your three best friends -- if they're okay, then it's you!!
Be good, Poppi

Friday, February 16, 2007

Here I Is...Agi'n!!

Howdy again ya'll and how ya'll was. Me, well I been better but I quickly got over it. It were too distractulating and confusimatin'. I reckon I is better off jus' bein' me, right?
Anyway, I thought I would update today and man what a trip, just to get on the site to post was a nightmare! At first the thingy wouldn't let me sign on and then it would not let me go to my site and create a new post without wanting me to create a new account. I tell you this new teknology is just scaring the living daylights outta this ole country boy. Iff'n you can't operate a keyboard and scoot a mouse I reckon you'll be left in the snail age. 'Nough 'bout all that.
There ain't really a whole lotta new news. Yesterday I got a HOT message in Welding class. I had just run a bead and was chipping the flux off of it and a piece of redhot flux popped off and went down my shirt collar!! It melted my earplug cord in two and burned me about 4 times before I could get it away from my skin. When I took my coveralls off at the end of the class(I wear 'em over my street clothes to stay clean) I felt the piece of slag hooked to the inside of my shirt. Man did that thingy hurt!!!!!! I learned 2 different techniques to using a welding rod and the theory behind them and it was interesting.
This Sunday afternoon, V and I will be inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa honor society at a ceremony at Calhoun. I guess working hard and squeakin' by with a 3.9 GPA might finally pay off. (Actually we paid them off to let us join, 70 bucks apiece!!!!!) Well I reckon I should let ya go and get back to work, but remember this...* The trouble with bucket seats is that not everybody has the same size bucket!!!!!!!!
Ya'll be good, Poppi

Sunday, February 04, 2007

No News Is Good News?

Howdy again ya'll,
I was just sitting here watching the wind chime blowing in the wind and pondering life's persistant question...since I am here alone, who is going to fill up my empty coffee cup? Well I guess I should know that answer but I keep hoping that somebody will be home soon.
Anyway, on the other hand side, it sure looks pretty nice outside but I know it is colder than an ice cube sittin' on a hot tin roof. I had to work last nite and it went pretty quick and I didn't have to overwork myself like I did last Monday. We had two people out that nite and I had to pull duty for 3 people and it seemed that my hip and knee didn't like it one bit. I hobbled around like an 80 year old man for the rest of the week. Last nite I was able to move 98% better and hope to put it all behind me.
There really ain't nuthin' much else to report on except me sweetie is taking such good care of me that if she don't slow down she is gonna spoil me. She keeps hintin' that I need to take a shower more often, but I keep tellin' her that a spoiled man is supposed to smell like that.JK
Well, enough doo-daddlin', just remember: Seat belts are not as confining as wheelchairs!
Ya'll be good, Poppi